Dallas Cowboys Have New Rules For Reporters and Social Media

Earlier this NFL season, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had a mini locker room meltdown, after a reporter tweeted a few things that Bryant didn’t agree with.

Looks like that incident was a catalyst for some changes to the Cowboys social media policy for reporters.

1. Everything in the locker room is off-limits from any kind of photography, video recording or broadcasting except during pre-approved “shooting” periods.

2. You’re not allowed to mention anything you see in the locker rooms other than what a player says. If a player has a poster in their locker, you are not allowed to tell anyone what that poster is.

3. No live reporting from practice, which includes live-tweeting.

4. No group photos or photos of the entire team during practice. Only “tight shots”

5. No speculation.
Sounds like the way things were five or six years ago before social media took over. The are at least two other teams who implemented similar policies during preseason, The Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins.