Does Dwight Howard Want Out Of Houston?

There are only a few “true centers” left in the NBA as the game of basketball has evolved over the past few decades. Dwight Howard is one of those players, his move to Houston was supposed to be the catalyst to the teams return to their glory years in the mid-90’s.

But now rumors are swirling that Howard is once again unhappy with a teammate and is looking to take his talent to another team. According to, Dwight doesn’t want to play with James Harden anymore. Part of this is because Howard isn’t fond of being second banana to “the beard.”

They are saying Dwight has his sites set on a return to Florida. But not with his old team, the Orlando Magic, that he wants to head further south and play for the Miami Heat. The Rockets play has been rocky so far, following their Western Conference Finals appearance against the Warriors last season.

A source told ESPN, “everybody is unhappy” with the team’s slow start. Dwight has said the rumors are false, telling the Houston Chronicle, “I haven’t said anything to anybody about anything. People make up lies and rumors.” He goes on to say, “People are always going to come up some kind of rumor or lie, that’s what it is. I can’t focus on that.” Dwight can opt out after this season. In a loss to the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night, Dwight scored four points.

Remember, firing head coach Kevin McHale was supposed to be the catalyst to Houston returning to their winning ways.