Cowboys’ CJ Spillman was accused of Sexual Assault prior to latest incident


Dallas Cowboys’ C.J. Spillman is currently being investigated on allegations of sexual assault of a female stemming from an alleged incident in September that took place at a hotel.

But, this isn’t the first time Spillman has been accused of sexual assault.

Per the New York Daily News, Spillman was also accused of rape by a Bay Area massage therapist while he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

A police report of the incident claim Spillman groped the woman, tried to rip her clothes off and attempted to force oral sex. Spillman denied the allegations and said the incident was consensual in nature. The woman admitted that they were flirting with each other, but the situation became uncomfortable, and Spillman got aggressive.

They flirted with each other while she treated Spillman during a two-hour massage on Dec. 17, the massage therapist told investigators.

But she became uncomfortable when Spillman asked her for oral sex, she told police. The woman said she doesn’t date athletes. She might make an exception for him, she said, but he would have to take her out, treat her like a lady “and see where it goes.”

Spillman, who was naked and lying face down on a massage table, tried to grab the woman’s leg and force her to touch his penis, but she resisted, according to the police report. “No, that stuff doesn’t happen in here,” she says she told Spillman.

According to the police report, Spillman rolled over and tried to pull the massage therapist close. He allegedly pulled on her shirt, exposing her breasts. He also allegedly rubbed her crotch and tried to pull down her sweatpants, according to the police report.

“What do you think you are doing?” she demanded, according to the report.

Spillman got off the table and again tried to pull her pants down, the woman said. The football player allegedly chased the woman around the table and grabbed at her pants again. They both fell to the ground.

Spillman pinned the woman to the ground, she said. “Get the f— off me,” she said, according to the police report, while Spillman tried to stick his penis in her mouth.

“Fool, you need to get me off,” Spillman allegedly told her.

He was never charged.