Adrian Peterson could be jailed for “smoking a little weed”


Estranged Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson might be headed for jail. Peterson is out on bond and awaiting trial on charges he abused his four-year-old son. This week Peterson admitted to “smoking a little weed” when he had to take his court-ordered drug test.

Peterson had to submit to a court-ordered drug test as a condition of his bond in his child abuse case in Texas … and according to the docs, he submitted to a urine test on Wednesday.

According to the docs, during the testing process, Peterson admitted to an employee of the company that conducted the testing that he recently “smoked a little weed.”

Now, prosecutors say that is a direct violation of the terms of his bond — and have asked the court to order he be arrested. 

The Judge hasn’t ruled on this issue yet. I’m sure Peterson is stressed and probably smoked to wind down. But did his lawyer forget to explain the terms of his bond? Or did he think they wouldn’t test him?

His trial is set to begin in December.