Colin Kaepernick Plans To Donate $1 Million To “Awareness” Organizations

Colin Kaepernick isn’t using his protest just to get attention for himself. He is conscious and focused of his actions as well as planning for the next personal steps he’ll take to get involved and try to address some of the issues he’s protesting.

In a 5 minute postgame interview following the Niners win over the San Diego Chargers, Colin methodically laid out his points, ideas and plans for the future, which involves donating $1 million of his $12 million salary this season to various organizations to bring social issues to life. He didn’t name which ones.

He once again clarified that he is not anti-american. In fact, he says he loves this country, and that’s why he’s bringing light to these issues.

He also said he applauded the veterans during their introductions because he appreciates the fact that they fight for this right to have a voice. He feels the system is broken and discourse is the road to change.

Check out more from Colin’s postgame interview:

Two other NFL players sat or took a knee during the National Anthem during the final preseason games of the season. Colin’s teammate Eric Reid and Seattle Seahawks CB Jeremy Lane.