Is Championship Weekend Better Than the Super Bowl?

Every year, we all look forward to the Super Bowl. It is the pinnacle of the NFL season and a massive event for sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

The Super Bowl is more than just a game; it’s an event. There are parties with tons of people and tons of food, and when we’re not watching the game, we’re watching some wacky and creative commercials that captivate everyone’s attention. But aside from the commercials, does the Super Bowl ever live up to the hype? Is it possible that championship weekend is better than the Super Bowl?

2 Is Better Than 1

It’s common knowledge that two is better than one, right? Well, championship weekend does have two games, which could be considered better than having one Super Bowl. Instead of waiting all day for the Super Bowl to start, championship weekend can be enjoyed all afternoon and evening, which means far less time-wasting theatrics and more football. That’s definitely one area where championship weekend has an edge over Super Bowl Sunday.

Quality of Play

Anyone who has watched the Super Bowl over the last 20 to 30 years know that the game isn’t always the best in terms of quality football being played. Often times, simply getting to the Super Bowl is a team’s goal, which means the competition level during championship weekend is higher than in the Super Bowl. In some ways, there is more on the line during championship weekend, and that leads to fierce competition and quality play.

Entertainment Value

Whether it’s due to mismatches or extreme nervousness that causes one team to fold under the pressure, the Super Bowl is prone to blowouts and poorly played games. Of course, we’ve seen some exceptions to this over the years and been privy to some Super Bowls that have come down to the final minute of the game. However, more times than not, the game is decided long before the final whistle, taking away much of the game’s drama and entertainment value, giving us little to watch besides the commercials.


When you take away the commercials, the hype, and the party atmosphere, championship weekend is definitely better than the Super Bowl from a football perspective. There are two games rather than one, the competition is usually more intense, and the entertainment value is higher. That’s not to say we shouldn’t all look forward to the Super Bowl every year, but if you want to watch great football, championship weekend is what you should look forward to the most.