Joel Embiid is Asking for All-Star Votes So He Can Get a Date With Rihanna

After dealing with injuries that kept him on the sideline for two seasons, Joel Embiid finally got on the court and has been going to work, averaging 19 points and 8 rebounds per game.  Now the Philadelphia 76ers star wants to be an NBA All-Star, but he has a special reason why.

Embiid has been trying to drum up All-Star votes from fans, saying he needs the All-Star tag in order to get a shot with his famous mystery crush that he’s been chasing for years.  Embiid tweeted that he was trying to get with this famous girl but she told him to come back when he’s an All-Star.

Though Embiid has been trying to keep quiet about who the girl is now, we all remember his public attempts to get with Rihanna in the past.  Sources also confirmed to TMZ Sports that the girl in question is definitely RiRi.

If Embiid makes the team, we’ll see if Rihanna is a woman of her word.