Cam Newton Hits Old School Dance For Touchdown

Thanksgiving is all about the three “F’s” for a lot of the country; food, family and football. There were three NFL games on Thursday’s line up.

Cam Newton continued to make his case for MVP, leading the Carolina Panthers to another victory for an 11-0 record this season. Being the media sensitive guy Cam is, he decided to break out an old school dance in the endzone.


But the dab lives on, this time as a signal to move the chains. First down!

The dab will also live on via Cam’s signature Under Armor cleats, which feature Cam hitting his Superman on one side and on the other, “dabbin on them folks.”


Between the Golden State Warriors and Carolina Panthers undefeated records, Under Armor is home to both Cam and Steph Curry. Are the stars aligning themselves for an Under Armor takeover?