Thanksgiving With Draya Michele

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing. Taking that to heart, designer/football fianceé and former reality TV star Draya Michele put her cooking skills on display for SnapChat.

It started with Draya dropping her recipe for Thanksgiving menu plus her macaroni and cheese onto her Twitter timeline.

Draya's-Mac-&-cheese-recipe   She then went further to share tips for  a juicy turkey – she lets it marinate in cheap champagne – and her ideas for keeping the floors clean while you cook – cover the floor with pieces of cardboard and roll it up when you’re finished.

#Draya Is making chicken marinaded in champagne #fancy #chickenauchampange

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She also isn’t here for your food slander. Draya says just because her food doesn’t look like your big mama’s cooking in those “raggedy pans” she used, doesn’t mean its not tasty.

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Its all in the presentation.

But let’s give Draya credit for her evolution into a more polished version of herself. Draya has “deleted her hoeness” and turned into a successful business woman. She has also revealed that she’s currently more interested in driving a Prius and investing her money than running out for the latest top of the line luxury vehicle or hottest shoe.