Cam Newton fractures lower back in car accident


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has two fractures in his lower back, following a two-car accident on Tuesday morning.

Newton was reportedly traveling down I-277 in North Carolina when he was involved in a crash with another car, causing Cam’s truck to flip on its side.

“Further testing revealed that Cam Newton has two transverse process fractures in his lower back and no further internal injuries,” the Panthers said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

“Right now we have thought about Cam’s well-being and we understand there was someone else in the other car who was injured,” the team said. “We just hope that they’re all OK.”

Cam is expected to be released on Wednesday.

The back injury Cam suffered is the same  injury Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered earlier this season. Romo missed one game this season for the injury. Per reports, the rib injury Cam suffered was more serious than this one, however it’s unlikely that he’ll play Sunday.

Cam being loaded into the ambulance