Magic Johnson in favor of the Lakers tanking; Kobe and Byron respond

Magic Johnson is still throwing shots at the Lakers front office. On Tuesday as Magic was receiving the Sportsman of the Year Legacy Award at Sports Illustrated’s annual Sportsman of the Year ceremony, said that he “hopes the Lakers lose every game” this season.

Via Neil Best of Newsday:

“I hope the Lakers lose every game, because if you’re going to lose, lose. I’m serious.

“If you’re going to lose, you have to lose, because you can’t be in the middle of the pack. You either have to be great or you have to be bad, to get a good [draft] pick.”

“The Lakers are in a good space, too, next summer if they can sign or trade for a talented guy. I’d rather be all the way bad than be in the middle.”

Magic added some clarity on his remarks on Twitter.

Byron Scott said he planned to text Magic, “LOL.”

Kobe said Magic is speaking from an owners POV now.

“He’s used to being an owner. He’s an owner of the Dodgers. He was an owner of the Lakers. That’s speaking from an owner’s perspective. I think the fans—or hopefully some of them— are probably smart enough to understand his perspective as an owner. I certainly am,” Bryant told reporters. “Magic is one of the most competitive players of all time. He doesn’t want to lose. From an owner’s perspective, his opinion is to get top picks and to be able to use those as leverage to trade and get a competitive team and so on. From where I’m sitting, I just look at his point of view.”

The Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night, 98-95.