Adrian Peterson denies claims of sex party with charity funds


Estranged Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson took to his Twitter feed Tuesday night to blast the media for not practicing “Journalism 101.”  The rant comes following a report from the Minnesota Star-Tribune that alleged Peterson was using funds from his charity for personal use. Including the allegation that  a credit card tied to his charity to pay for a hotel room sex party.

Journalism 101:

1. My uncle and I never owned a Foundation Credit Card

2. ESPN contacted the CORRECT Foundation to clarify issues

3. ESPN found:SRAIGHT FROM THE HEART based in California confirmed receiving donations, NOT S.F.T.H based in Maryland. A Fired CPA incorrectly listed MD but ESPN followed up by contacting the CORRECT Foundation.

4. California Straight From the Heart confirmed receiving donations!!!

5. East Texas Food Bank confirmed donation received . North Texas was incorrectly listed on 990 by a firm later fired by Foundation (ESPN reporter confirmed.)

6. Make headlines by calling something an orgy (even though it was not) and incorrectly saying a Foundation card was used even though my uncle and I never owned one. ( All Day INC is a TOTALLY different entity than THE A.P All Day Foundation.

7. Do not retract the false allegation because everyone believes the false allegation because it was printed first.

8. Do not repost the ESPN story from August when I admit I was promiscuous, made mistakes and had to change by ways.

9. Instead Repost the story about father children out of wedlock..creates more buzz and retweets.

10. I guess never let the truth get in the way of a great story

11. Take time to be GREAT and to get it right . [sic]

Peterson’s rep also gave a statement to TMZ Sports

But a rep for Peterson’s foundation tells TMZ Sports … Peterson has never used a foundation credit card for any personal expenses. In fact, the rep says Peterson never even had a foundation credit card.

The report specifically names Peterson’s uncle as the one who used the credit card on a hotel room in 2011 … but the foundation rep says the uncle never had a card either.

Peterson also denies what took place in the hotel room was an “orgy,” but does admit some people had sex that night. His rep says the foundation has had some issues through the years, but since Adrian cleaned house in 2011 … it’s donated $1.4 million to charities.