2018 Super Bowl LII Preview : Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

 Super Bowl LII promises to be an epic game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. Advertisers certainly hope that people will watch closely. It costs 5 million dollars to run a 30 second Super Bowl ad this year. Do you remember when Super Bowl ads climbed to 1 million dollars? That seems like a great deal now. Anyway, without further ado, here are the key points you need to know for the big game.

Rob Gronkowski Is Healthy

Rob Gronkowski suffered a concussion against the Jaguars. It was a serious injury that knocked him out the game. He didn’t practice last week. Toward the middle of this week, he was finally fully cleared to play. Besides Tom Brady, Gronkowski is the best player on the team. Sure, the Patriots seem to be able to win without him, but there’s no question he’s a true difference maker. The Patriots are healthy and ready to roll even if they will be fielding the least talented team they have had during their “dynasty run.”

Will Nick Foles Be Enough?

“I have no relation to Mr. Hyde.” Dr. Jekyll says this (or something pretty close) in the classic book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You can easily imagine Nick Foles making a similar type of statement. He’s a fascinating quarterback. During his breakout season with Chip Kelly, he looked like a superstar. Then he regressed into a sub-par talent that can’t take care of the football. This year, after the Carson Wentz injury, he’s swung like a pendulum. Which Nick Foles will we get? Eagles fans are hoping Doctor Foles makes a house call on Sunday, not his reprobate alter ego.

Does This Superbowl Matter for Tom Brady?

Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings. He has a robust claim to being the best player ever. Another championship would cement his legacy as number one, although it’s hard to argue he hasn’t already done that at the age of 40. If Tom wins should he retire- should he go out on top?

Our gut says the Patriots will be winning another one, but there are some on staff that are looking for the Eagles to upset the Patriots.

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