LHH Miami’s Young Hollywood Says Amara la Negra’s “Fake Afro Costume” Shouldn’t represent the movement of Afro Latinas

Love & Hip Hop Miami’s most hated cast member, Young Hollywood spoke with Jill Munroe and Miss Conversation Piece exclusively for AfterBuzz TV. The multi-platinum producer shared with the hosts that he feels his fellow cast member Amara le Negra’s signature afro is a costume.

In episode one of the Miami edition of the franchise, Young Hollywood told the singer that she should be “less Macy Gray and more Beyonce,” insinuating that she could not be considered glamorous and mainstream with her current look.

When asked to clarify his statement and if he understood the struggle that Black women and Afro Latinas face – especially in the music industry – Young Hollywood revealed that he feels as if Amara doesn’t truly represent the natural hair struggle. He views her look as a “costume” and said he believes the afro is a wig.

“I just think that the viewers of Love & Hip-Hop should be more careful in who they want to represent a movement like that.” Young Hollywood continued “I think someone who represents that should be someone where that’s their natural growth.”

He added that he doesn’t regret what he said or what people think about him, but that he is sorry for hurting Amara’s feelings. Young Hollywood exclusively shared that he and Amara have linked up in the studio to make a few mainstream hits.

The producer got his start working on tracks with names like Pit Bull and Lil Jon before heading off to Puerto Rico to dominate the Reggatone Latin Trap movement. Recently he has worked with 2 Chainz and Migos, plus has his own artists dropping in February.


photos via Instagram