Week 4 NFL Recap: Steve Smith, Snoop Dogg, Dem Boys & more

These were my favorite moments from NFL week 4:

Houston Texans defensive lineman JJ Watt’s 80-yard pick-six.


Texans beat the Bills 23-17.

The Chicago Bears collapsed on Sunday. The momentum killer came at the end of the second quarter as the clock was expiring for halftime. Tight end Martellus Bennett just couldn’t get the ball across the goal against Green Bay’s defense.

But early in the game when the Bears were rolling, Brandon Marshall had the Packers defense on skates.



I recently adopted the San Francisco 49’ers as “my team.” Weeks 2 and 3 were really shaky for them. Especially for for their QB Colin Kaepernick. The Niners pulled it out on Sunday against the previously unbeaten Eagles 26-21. But this win was won on the other side of the ball, with defense.

Colin seems like he might be holding onto the ball too long. Pick 6 courtesy of Eagles safety Malcom Jenkins.


  • Snoop’s rant on what’s going on with the Steelers is classic. If you missed it, go HERE for the giggles.


  • Steve Smith return to the Carolina Panthers as a member of the Ravens is the stuff most athletes dream of.

“That film is a coaching session,” Smith said. “I’m 35 years old, and I ran around those boys like they were schoolyard kids.”

But let’s also not forget that the Ravens are quietly making a nice run in the mist of all the “chaos,” the executive branch of the franchised is currently embroiled in. Shout out to head coach John Harbaugh, and the players for staying focused.

  • The Dallas Cowboys are 3-1. Sunday night they beat the New Orleans Saints 38-17. They were up 24-0 at halftime.  Running the ball looks to be heavily in the Cowboys future… until they implode again. Sorry Cowboys fans, it’s fun.



Gif’s via CJZero, BSO