Stiletto Jill checks out Pepsi’s #FanEnough mobile tour at MetLife Stadium [photos]


I had the opportunity to check out the kick off of the NFL season with Pepsi in their suite at Met Life Stadium to watch the New York Jets face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The start to the 2013 season is also the kick off of Pepsi’s “Are you Fan Enough” campaign.

Thinking about the question, “Are you fan enough” made me think about what I consider some of the traits are of a die hard fan. My next thought, who are some fans that might get overlooked, the ultimate under appreciated fan in my book, “The Cheerleader.” Think about it, these ladies hit the practice field weekly, are at the stadium bright and early on game day AND they wear those skimpy little outfits, even on brisk days! That is what I call dedication!

I caught a glimpse of how hard the Jets “Flight Crew” works when they hit the field early Sunday morning to rehearse before the game.


The Pepsi suite was pretty much EVERYTHING! Loaded with Pepsi, great food, plush couches and TV’s to watch the Jets action up close and personal on the big screen, and keep tabs on the other games taking place around the NFL. Plus, the option to go outside and feel the energy of all the fans in the stadium! We also got to hear the live announcement that Bruno Mars would be performing at halftime of the Super Bowl which just happens to take place at Met Life Stadium in February.


I got to meet Jets legend, Marvin “Shade Tree” Jones and check out the “Fan Enough” mobile experience.


I even channeled my inner cheerleader and shot a #FanEnough video for the Jets.


 My turn up is AMAZING! if you want to check out the Pepsi Fan Enough mobile tour when it hits your stadium, Go HERE to get all the details plus information on how you can sign up to get cool Pepsi prizes.


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