Social Media Tips for Pro Athletes

Sports figures today are under a microscope comparable only to that of a politician. Every move they make and every word they say is available to millions of people. This is a lot of pressure for a 20-year-old, straight out of college. Here are some important social media tips for young draft prospects.

  • If you’re upset, wait.

Oftentimes you will see young athletes get upset and go on Twitter rants that seem hilarious, but which inevitably come back to haunt them. By avoiding social media during these emotional times, you will likely avoid destructive decisions that could hurt contract negotiations in the future.

  • Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in front of your mother.

This policy will help young athletes maintain a respectable reputation. Social media is an athlete’s best friend when it comes to marketing themselves, but it can also backfire. If an athlete conveys a fun, respectful tone they will be viewed in a more positive way, which can be extremely lucrative for their career.

  • Never talk negatively about opposing teams or players.

In sports, trades are made and guys switch teams very frequently. If you’re an athlete who bad-mouths other teams and players, it can be an uncomfortable situation if you ever find yourself connected to those players or teams. It’s best to avoid negativity and play it safe.

  • Don’t be D’Angelo Russell.

Do not go public with anything that is heard in the locker room. What happens and what is said in the locker room is meant to be private and personal. Like Russell knows, breaking this trust can cause locker room turmoil and a hit to your personal reputation.

  • Don’t talk about how hard you work.

Though it may not seem like a big deal, there is nothing more annoying than an athlete who constantly brags about the hours he puts into his craft. To be a professional athlete, hard work and extra hours in the gym are mandatory, and it looks pretentious to constantly fish for compliments.

Ultimately, these tips may seem like common sense but we see pro athletes, celebrities and public personalities make these errors every day. Truly, these tips could make or break a career. In fact, they could also ensure that you have a great social media experience that won’t ever leave you hiding from your tweets or mentions ever again.

–Michael Hersey