Media Watch: Skip Bayless Out at ESPN:Bill Simmons Gets HBO Date

Lots of changes are taking place at ESPN, including one that will affect your favorite sports morning show.


Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN and rumored to be heading to FS1. The First Take co-host will depart the network once his current contract expires in August. Bayless has spent 12 years with ESPN, dating back to First Take‘s original origins, Cold Pizza. First Take became a break out hit for the world wide leader four years ago when Stephen A. Smith was brought on to rumble every morning with Skip.

During his time at ESPN, Bayless has never been known for holding back his thoughts. Terrell Owens and LeBron James are just two of the names Skip was known for dishing out stinging critiques towards. Viewers have had a love/hate relationship with Skip over the past 12 years.

For months the talk has been that Bayless will make the leap to Fox Sports’ FS1. Jamie Horowitz- the onetime ESPN executive responsible for First Take–  took over at FS1 in April 2015. Colin Cowherd left ESPN for the network that summer. Nothing has been confirmed as far as Skip’s future plans. His final First Take will be the day after the NBA Finals.



A new PSA shows social media trolls exactly how hurtful their words can be.

In an attempt to raise awareness about online bullying of women in sports, that is exactly what “Just Not Sports” did. In their new #MoreThanMean PSA, real men — who were not the original authors of the messages — read detestable tweets directed at sportswriters Julie DiCaro and espnW’s Sarah Spain … to their faces.



Bill Simmons is ready to make his HBO debut in June. Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons will make it’s debut on June 22.

The show’s 20-episode rookie season will span pop culture — natch — and “touch on everything from sports and entertainment to arts and technology,” HBO said. It will feature guests, field segments and “Simmons’ signature commentary on current events.”


Congratulations to veteran TV sports host Elle Duncan. ESPN has just announced she’ll be joining the network as an anchor for SportsCenter starting May 9th.


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