Gabrielle Union Wants the Refs from Game 5 Fined

The Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Hornets by an average of 20 in the first two games of their playoff series. But now the Heat find themselves down 3-2 to the Hornets with game 6 taking place on Friday in Charlotte.

The two teams were battling down to the final buzzer. With 2.6 seconds left, DWade went for a lay up that Hornets’ Courtney blocked – as far as the refs are concerned – or fouled depending on your vantage point. No foul was called, and the Heat lose by two.

Dwyane Wade‘s wife Gabrielle Union took to Twitter to go off about the officiating in game 5.




For those of you who feel Gabby should be a little less opinionated on these topics, DWade mentioned his wife in his post game comments.

“Tonight you’re going to be frustrated,” he said. “Everyone in the locker room should be pissed off, but tomorrow is a different day. We come in, we learn from our mistakes and we get ready for a Game 6.

“Being frustrated going into Game 6 does you no good. But tonight, yeah, my wife got to deal with me tonight and no one else. I will be pissed off all night until I go to sleep.”


photo via Instagram