Nick Young Calls Iggy “Becky” – Iggy Exposes Nick’s Tattoo Mistake

Lakers star Nick Young and his fiancée Iggy Azalea appear to be back on good terms after a few shaky weeks. This week with all the focus on Beyoncé on her latest visual album, Lemonade, Iggy managed to insert herself into the conversation AND share a story as to how she saved Nick Young from a tattoo tragedy.

It all started when someone called Iggy a “Becky” on Twitter. Remember all the controversy about the identity of “Becky with the good hair” on Lemonade. Iggy went on to explain how she believes being called Becky is racist – although she doesn’t think Bey is racist – and also went on to explain how the origins of “becky” is about white girls giving head. ::insert Nick’s confused question mark face here::



For the record Iggy, “Becky” actually started with Sir Mix-A-Lot, proving once again you’re lacking the history and perspective of hip-hop. But that’s a conversation for another day. Plies had a song called “Becky” about that, but Sir Mix-A-Lot had Becky intro Baby Got Back.

Soon after Nick cruised into the timeline and called Iggy a “Becky”


Iggy’s reply was to expose a photo of Nick about to get a tatt with the word Rebel misspelled.



Ain’t online love grand!