Magic Johnson; Right Idea, Wrong Sport

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/

Earlier this week it was announced that Magic Johnson had sold his 4.5% interest in the Lakers to pave the way for purchasing a controlling interest in another NBA franchise. Then it was announced that he had also sold all 105 of his Starbucks franchises, it again fueled the notion that magic was liquidating his investments so he’d have the capital to invest in a team.

Looks like I had the right idea but wrong sport.

Magic is reportedly interested in bringing an NFL team to the Los Angeles area. L.A. has been trying since the Raiders and Rams left in the mid 90’s to have a team return to the area. It’s crazy that the #2 media market in the country is without an NFL team. The most recent rumor out in the world is that a group is being put together that also involves AEG (owners of Staples Center) to have a stadium built in the downtown L.A. area not to far from Staples and the L.A. Live complex.

Magic told the Los Angeles times  he has no plans to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers or purchase a stake of the Golden State Warriors or Detroit Pistons. He says he talked to the Warriors, but nothing came of it. He also stated,  he will “look at every opportunity” in the future to become a majority owner of a sports team, but that he hasn’t joined forces with anybody yet.

Johnson says he “really, really wants the NFL to come back to L.A.” but hasn’t had any conversations with the league.

I’d love to see the NFL back in L.A. 2 teams so we can keep our sports parity status! I’d finally have an official NFL love!