1st Look: VH1 Football Wives- Episode 1

Here’s an Advance look at the first episode of VH1 Football Wives. I appreciate that unlike Basketball Wives, all the significant others are present and participating so we get to see their perspective too.

Let me know what you think about the episode!

Amanda is OVER THE TOP. Everything, her hair, the excessive “bling” (hate that word) and her driving an 18 wheeler cab. But I think I like her or at least I’m interested in seeing more from her.

Erin she works 2 jobs 1 of which is Hooters. Very different from the lives of Basketball Wives.

Melani was very open about the difference her husband’s money made to her in the early stages of their relationship.

I Like Pilar, not shocking

Where’s Mercedes?

But banging on Pilar & Melani because they left Bible study early?? That’s the plot line for episode 1!?! Hmmm I guess we needed tension early yes?  They better come with it on episode 2 or they could lose me quickly. :shrug: I’m honest