VH1 Football Wife Mercedes Nelson

VH1’s Football Wives premieres this Sunday. Not to much is known about the cast, especially Mercedes Nelson who is listed as “the former girlfriend of a Dallas Star Player”.  She’s missing from the cast promo picture and not featured at all in the 1st episode. Yet blogs are already been trying to figure out what her connection is to Dallas.  Today that changes, introducing Mercedes:

While Mercedes Nelson might posses what many consider the “Typical athlete girlfriend” traits, (do I really need to list those out for you? You know what they are) nothing about her journey to your TV screens is.

Born in Suriname, South America and arriving in the U.S. at 16, the last 10 years have been action packed. A former member of the Chris Stokes backed R&B group Dame Four as well as being one of the original members of actress Elise Neal’s burlesque dance troop, Assorted Flavors,  Mercedes most recently is a Summa Cum-Laude graduate of Woodbury University,  currently enrolled at Pepperdine University pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy while launching her own clothing line Merci-Belle. Wooo, I’m out of breath,  now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff:

  • How did you become involved with the show Football Wives?

MN: I met Amanda Davis when my ex & I were still together. We were both actually baptized at her home a few years ago. She called me and asked would I be interested in being involved with the show.

  • You’re the only one that isn’t currently in a relationship with a football player, why did they ask you to join the cast?

MN: The producers of the show wanted to give a complete picture of being involved with a professional football player, there’s a girlfriend, long term marriages and me as an ex. They wanted to provide the audience with the total scope of the lifestyle, from the glamorous aspects to the effects injury can have on relationships  and obviously what happens once you break up.

  • Your Ex’s name isn’t mentioned in the show. Was that because he has a problem with you or your participation in it?

MN: I made the decision not to mention him just because that’s my past and I’m moving on from there.  It’s addressed in the show.

  • Why did you and your ex break up?

MN: Being with an athlete is not easy, groupies, injuries etc. We just reached a point where it was time to go our separate ways. I had my own goals and sometimes it’s hard to accomplish them when you’re in these types of relationships.

  • So would you date another athlete?

MN: Probably not, I’m a really laid back person. I prefer a different type of lifestyle. A little calmer, I’m almost a nerd. I like spending time with my mother, my 2 dogs etc. It just wasn’t really for me.

  • You aren’t featured in the promotional group pictures for the show and don’t appear in the 1st episode, why is that?

MN: I’m the only one that lives in Los Angeles, the photo shoot was arranged after I had already returned home. I moved out to Dallas while we filmed the show.

  • Any issues with the other ladies?

MN: Nope none, although you never know what’s being said in confessionals but from my end, I enjoyed the time I spent with the group. No complaints.

  • Would you consider doing a 2nd season of the show if that becomes an option?

MN: Absolutely, it was a great experience for me and it also gave me an outlet to showcase my clothing line and interact with other women who shared a similar existence.

  • Tell me about your clothing line?

MN: Merci-Belle consists of several lines including purses, clothing, and paintings, it was created with the purpose of encouraging and motivating others.  I design, conceptualize, and hand-make each of the products.  Since freedom and empowerment are important to me, each item is created to strengthen and uplift.

  • Where can people go to get more information on you and your line?

MN: MercedesNelson.com

There you have it, information about Mercedes in her own words.  I of course did my own research weeks ago and tracked down the identity of her Ex, it’s Marion Barber. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the mix on the show. Check out a few pieces from her line