Jay Z drops TRUE Ether

In a bit of Marketing genius. The Nets Bodied the Knicks in their OWN house

Jay Z & Mikhail Prokhorov Billboard photo credit Rap Radar

If you’re anywhere near Madison Square Garden, take a look at a building on 34th and 8th. Prime Billboard space. The Nets are showing how aggressive they plan to be about putting fans in the seats:

The billboard features both Jay Z & Mikel Prokhorov with the message “The Blue Print for Greatness” and a Nets logo.  Prokhorov said at his introductory press conference, “I have only one secret. We’re going to turn Knicks fans into Nets fans. It’s a part of success.”

Obviously he was savvy enough to start by utilizing one of his biggest assets, Jay Z. For Jay this isn’t just about LeBron, I think if he really wanted LeBron, he wouldn’t have to do this. This is more about further raising his profile and a sexy association with a billionaire. You can’t get too much more “baller” than that. Looks like Mikel is Mark Cuban 4G (I thought it was funny le sigh)

Oh and the Nets also traded away Yi Jianlian clearing an additional $3 million in cap space which gives them $30 million in cap space. Could the Nets be the Dark Horse in the race for LeBron??

The marketing is there. Will the players follow?