Mixed Bag

Interesting links I’ve stuffed in my cute lil electronic clutch just for you:

Awww Happier times

  • Dwyane Wade has finally been granted his divorce after 3 years. Yeah she’s planning on having her 10th Lawyer appeal the ruling. Sigh, her reasoning… Custody of their children and outstanding financial issues. Yeah like that new Gag inducing contract he’ll be signing this summer. HERE
  • Assistant Coach of the Lakers, Brian Shaw is interviewing for the Cleveland head coach position. ummmmmmm why? I hope this is just for practice and to keep the Lakers on their toes. Why would he want to go to Cleveland and LeBron isn’t there?
  • Looks like Shannon Brown is going to opt out of his contract in the everlasting quest of more money. I see you Shannon, strike while the iron is HOT (and before the rumored lockout next summer) We’re going to miss you! ::giggles:: HERE

Landon Donovan

  • It hasn’t even been 2 full days since the U.S.A. soccer team was eliminated from  the World Cup but it looks like problems are just beginning for Landon Donovan. SI.com is reporting that a British woman is planning a paternity claim against the midfielder… guess inopportune suits aren’t just reserved for NFL/ NBAers  & Tiger. SMH HERE
  • John Wall’s 1st commercial for Reebok includes a scene with “Iverson” dishing the Rock to him. Hmmmmmm I bet when AI signed to Reebok for life, seeing his image in this situation probably wasn’t what he had in mind

  • By far, the best breakdown on the different type of Kobe “Haters”. Are you on this list?? I bet you are ::giggles:: HERE