Elin Woods Gets $750 Million in Divorce?

WOOOWWWWWWW! What else can you say to that figure? It’s being reported that Tiger Woods and his soon to be ex wife Elin Nordegren have reached a settlement for their divorce.  Reportedly the biggest settlement EVER in a high profile divorce.

$750 MILLION dollars can ease A LOT of pain I suppose (I’m willing to find out if anyone out there wants to volunteer to give me that amount. For research purposes only of course)

The amount is excessive but there is a catch to Elin pocketing the money… She can never discuss Tiger’s affairs. No interviews, no book deals etc. Hmmmm sounds like Tiger had A LOT that he wanted to keep under wraps! Yes there was a prenup and it was revised after Tigergate some months ago.

Nordegren gets complete custody of their children (3-year old daughter Sam and 1-year old son Charlie), but Woods gets to share in making decisions in their life.

Woods also has to keep his children away from his girlfriends or any other unmarried women that Nordegren does not know.

Who am I to question what price Tiger feels his secrets are worth?

UPDATED: The figure is actually closer to $100 Million. Sounds much better after thinking she was getting 3/4 of a Billion no??