NBA Free Agency 2010 – Day 1

The only thing missing is...

Last night Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh had dinner in Chicago after a long day of listening to free agency pitches. Still no official decision from these two yet (or their missing dinner companion) but there are plenty of updates!

  • Joe Johnson & The Atlanta Hawks agree in principal to a 6 year deal worth approx. $119 million ummmmmmm me personally, I don’t think Joe Johnson is a Max player. He has consistently shown that he can’t be your 1st option and push you through the playoffs. His numbers from the Magic sweep this past spring 12.8 PPG, 30% FG 9-39 3FG, 19 FTA… Yup Money well spent
  • Rudy Gay & The Memphis Grizzlies agree “in principal” (I’m just going to put I.P. as none of these deals can be officially signed until July 8th)  to 5 years $80 million. They had to do it. Let’s see if he’s a difference maker in the upcoming season
  • Paul Pierce as expected as reupped with the Celtics. 4 years approx $61 million.
  • Amir Johnson & The Toronto Raptors have a deal in place (I know what you’re thinking, WHO?? and if you know who he is, you’re thinking what type of deal does averaging 6 points a game get you?) 5 years 32 Million… NICE
  • The Bucks signed Drew Gooden to a 5 year $32 million dollar deal… WHY???
  • The Timberwolves & Darko Milicic agreed to 4 years 20 million. Interesting the 2nd player in the 2003 draft taken before Carmelo, DWade & Chris Bosh…
  • Byron Scott is the new coach of the Cavs. Congrats, BShaw wisely removed his name from contention as the status with LeBron was up in the air anndddddddd
  • Phil Jackson is returning to the Lakers for the last go round! Which means Brian Shaw can stay comfortably here in L.A on the bench and jump into the prime time shark pit NEXT summer after the Lakers get their 3rd title in a row (Yeah I said it! don’t be mad)
  • The Nuggets who were rumored to be shopping Carmelo have instead put an extension offer on the table of 3 years $65 million. He has until July 1st of 2011 to sign it.
  • Also in extension talks right now are Kevin Durant and the The Thunder. No question as to what the Thunder need to do, LOCK HIM DOWN! Give him max $$. They’ll regret it if they don’t

Those are the updates (at least the ones that hold the most interest for me) Still waiting for the chips to fall with the BIG 3.

Side note, Chris Bosh looks MUCH better now that he’s let the dreads go!