David Stern Officially Cancels First 2 Weeks Of NBA Season

It’s official, the first two weeks of the NBA season have been canceled. Union Executive Director Billy Hunter indicated that the owners think they can break the players by canceling games and forcing them to miss paychecks but the union said they were prepared for that course of action. No further talks have been scheduled but let’s take a look at what games we’ll be missing out on:

November 1st

Chicago Bulls vs Dallas Mavericks–  The team many thought would contend for the title of Eastern conference Champs in the ’11-’12 season would face against the actual NBA champions.

Lakers vs. Thunder – The match up that I fully expected to be last seasons Western conference finals. I was half right. The Lakers would’ve been running their new offense with Mike Brown, Pau Gasol would have shook off whatever took over during last seasons playoffs. The back-to-back scoring champ- that’s Kevin Durant, people- comes back a year older and having gone deeper in the playoffs than ever before.

November 2nd

Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks– The Knicks are reloaded. Amar’e would be returning from his back injury that slowed him during the playoffs. He and Carmelo should have developed a bit more chemistry. And well, we know the back story on the Heat.

November 5th

Thunder vs. Mavericks– A rematch of the Western Conference finals. EVERYTHING about this game was intriguing. That series was awesome.

Great, now I’m depressed all over again.