Paramedics Called To The Apartment Of Terrell Owens In Los Angeles

TMZ is reporting that Thursday night in Los Angeles, paramedics were called to an apartment where Terrell Owens was staying last week. Emergency officials were responding to a call about a possible prescription pill overdose. Owens was hospitalized overnight last Thursday for an unknown emergency.

It’s a sensitive time in T.O.’s life right now. His career has ended abruptly, his fiances aren’t in order and he’s single. I’m sure this is absolutely not where he imagined himself to be at 37 years old.

This isn’t the first time that Terrell has had an issue with 911 and prescription medication. In 2006 there was an incident in Dallas where it was alleged he attempted suicide but he stated that it was an allergic reaction to pain killers.

Whatever caused his trip to the hospital last Thursday, I hope that everything is in order now. Reps for Owens haven’t released a statement. It’s a sensitive topic all you can do is hope for the best.