Basketball Wives LA Episode 7 Recap [Video]

On this week’s episode of “The Draya show” Basketball Wives LA we catch up on all thing Draya as usual, go man matching for Imani and see Gloria on an audition and photo shoot.

If you missed my intro from the sneak peek, you can check that HERE.


Ok, seriously another story line rehash. I know that a major part of getting over your old relationship is to meet someone new. But how many of these awkward fake hook ups must we endure (remember Evelyn’s awkward dates on season 2 of Miami or that stiff date on season 3 with Jennifer and “Eric” not her husband, Meeka’s friend… never mind)


and the whole “white is right”… I’m sorry, I can’t really be bothered to care about Imani’s dating life. But what I do want to ask is why was Karrine aka “superhead” at this gathering. What was its real purpose? Mo and Kita of the T.O. show were in attendance too. Was it a VH1 open casting for men to appear on shows at a later date? Anyway…

Oh one last thing, can we discuss Jackie’s fashion selections?? No, I should just let her live?? Ok, but I know you SEE it, just like I do. FIT is equally as important as fashion.


Laura said in a recent interview that it’s the “editing” that makes it seem like they’re obsessed with Draya. Here’s my thing with that. Perhaps they are taking your 2 hour convo and reducing it to the 5 minutes of Draya talk. Newsflash, that means a few things; 1. YOU’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT HER. and 2. That means that they don’t think anything is that interesting about you outside of what Draya brings in to make you interesting. Wow, whose really the non-factor? Shout out to Evelyn…


Andddddd finally, can we just agree that SOMEBODY is off

Like seriously… OFF

Draya girl, just smile and nod…and then RUN! Are we done with this season yet?