Will Johnny Football Ever Clean Up His Act?

Ever since that magical day in 2012, when Johnny Manziel transformed into Johnny Football. The day he shocked the world and upset the dynasty that is Crimson Tide Football; he has had endless attention and fandom. But as an undersized quarterback with character that is very much in question, Manziel slipped to the middle of the first round, when the Cleveland Browns took a chance on him. Ever since being cursed into the Browns organization, things have only gotten worse for the beloved Texas A&M star.

After a slew of off the field incidents and subpar on the field play, Johnny finds himself in a position he never has before. Johnny is unwanted. When an organization like the Cleveland Browns decides you’re not worth the trouble, and Ryan Leaf, whose name is synonymous with the phrase “draft bust,” compares himself to you, things are not going well. But does that mean it’s over for one of the most electrifying college players to ever touch the field?

Most recently, Manziel had a fight at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas.

Witnesses inside Jewel Nightclub at the Aria tell TMZ Johnny was in a VIP booth near the stage Friday night. Drake showed up for a surprise performance and club goers started to push and shove to get up front. Our sources say Johnny got pushed and turned and slugged the club goer.

In a league like the NFL, where good quarterbacks are hard to find, Manziel’s talent could keep him in the back of every GM’s mind. Though he’s currently being investigated and charged with a potential domestic violence case, could his past transgressions be forgotten? Fans of sports only seem to only stay angry when players aren’t producing. Just like Alex Rodriguez in New York, fans hated him, until he hit a few home runs. If Johnny can find a team that gives him a chance, and he produces and wins, will all be forgotten?

The answer to that question is yes. If Johnny comes back and produces, fans will accept him. But that’s a big if. Good teams do not like to take on projects and bring in distractions, and if Manziel proved one thing, it’s that he is a distraction. That doesn’t mean a team won’t take him, but the question is who will it be. With Johnny’s roots in Texas and the Cowboy’s willingness to take on good players that are terrible people (Greg Hardy), Manziel seems to be a perfect fit. With Romo getting old and taking more punishment than anyone since Bret Favre, he seems like a good fit.

Though much of his comeback is dependent on whether or not he is found guilty of domestic violence, another big step is his ability to get clean and rid himself of his addiction to alcohol. If Manziel can get clean and quit making poor off the field choices, someone will give him a chance. If he cannot get mentally healthy, he will always be remembered as the guy who threw it all away.

–Michael Hersey