What You Need To Be Paying Attention To For The 2015 NFL Season


Today is the day! The 2015 NFL season kicks off with a match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. Naturally we have a list of things you should be paying attention to this NFL Season.

  • The San Francisco 49’ers are a shell of their former selves. It seems like forever when we were filled with hope for the Niners after three consecutive NFC Championship appearances two years ago. Now they’re like Drake, starting from the bottom. Several key members of the team are gone; former head coach Jim Harbaugh has moved over to college football, Frank Gore is with the Colts, Aldon Smith is dealing with personal issues, etc. New head coach Jim Tomsula still has  Colin Kaepernick plus some new offensive targets for the QB in Torrey Smith that should land the Niners in decent position this year despite a hellish schedule, traveling the most of any team in the NFL this season and a lot of turn over.
  • Remember last season we were all supposed to be doing the money dance along with Johnny Manziel? That didn’t turn out so great. How will season two be for Johnny Football? Will he make his mark with Cleveland or is a trade on the horizon? Will the Browns finally make the playoffs?
  • The Cowboys lost running back DeMarco Murray this season. Can Mr. boxers and and cologne – that’s Joseph Randle, I haven’t forgotten about his decision to steal underwear and smell good from Dillard’s after a long night out – make an impact, or will the Cowboys be forced to use a run game by committee.
  • The return of Adrian Peterson. The Minnesota Vikings running back returns to the Vikings after sitting out last season and an unsuccessful attempt at forcing the Vikings to trade him.
  • What will Greg Hardy do with the Cowboys? Hardy has been in the headlines the last year for things that have nothing to do with football. Hardy is reportedly still mulling over the idea of challenging his suspension – listen guy, take the suspensions and get back to football. You were still paid last season for the games you missed. And although on principal you have some merit, the fact remains you did some treacherous stuff. Also, will we see former running back Ray Rice be picked up by a team?
  • Everyone will be looking to see if Jameis Winston can move the chains for the Tampa Bay Buccs. Can the Buccs win six games this season? I know, aim high but still stay rational. Four more wins would be a big improvement.
  • Every season the NFL tinkers with the rules a bit. The changes this season include; the extra-point attempt will now be made from the 15-yard line. Two-point conversions will remain at the two-yard line. Defenses will now be allowed to return a blocked kick, interception or fumble on PATs or conversion attempts for two points.
  • How many guys will make the Quan, whip and nae nae their touch down celebrations?

Every season we’re on the cusp of some NFL player breaking a record here’s a few you should be on the look out for.

  • Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning needs 2,148 yards passing to surpass Brett Favre’s all-time career mark of 71,838.
  • New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees needs 4,000 yards passing to join Manning as the only players in league history with at least 10 such seasons. There are only 14 players on that list.
  • New England Patriots’ Tom Brady needs eight touchdown passes to join Dan Marino, Favre and Manning as the only players with 400 touchdown passes.
  • Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson needs 10 rushing touchdowns to join Emmitt Smith (eight) and LaDainian Tomlinson (nine) as the only players to rush for 10 in at least eight seasons.
  • Houston’s Arian Foster needs 1,864 yards rushing to pass Priest Holmes (8,172) for the most career yards by an undrafted player.
  • Indianapolis receiver Andre Johnson needs 100 catches to become the first NFL player to reach that milestone six times. Same goes for New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall, who likewise has done it five times.

Faces in new places:

CB Darrelle Revis, New York Jets: Revis island returns to its birthplace with the Jets. Darrelle has manipulated free agency on a higher level these last two seasons, returning with the money and a Super Bowl ring.

DT Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins: Will Suh be able to transfer his performance from Detroit to South Beach – well the stadium isn’t in SOBE but still…

QB Michael Vick, Pittsburgh Steelers: Vick is on his fourth team since returning to the NFL, after spending last season with the Jets, Vick will now backup Ben Roethlisberger.

RB DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles: Last season’s rushing champion takes his running game to Chip Kelly’s offense.

RB LeSean Mccoy, Buffalo Bills: LeSean has been lighting up his former coach Chip Kelly in the press all summer. Now its delivery time. With my bae Rex Ryan as head coach, can the Bills make a return to the top?

So whose winning it all? I decided to look at Vegas odds:

The Seahawks are listed at 9-2 to win the Super Bowl at the SuperBook, just ahead of the Packers at 6-1. The New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts are all 8-1. The Denver Broncos, at 9-1, round out the teams with single-digit odds at the SuperBook.