Video Footage of Ravens Ray Rice Knocking Out Janay Palmer in Elevator Surfaces [Video]


I don’t know if the NFL can issue a retroactive punishment, but if there were ever a situation where people might demand it, this is it. TMZ Sports has obtained the elevator footage from the night Ray Rice knocked his then-fiancée unconscious. It’s graphic.

Janay Palmer-Rice may have accepted the blame for the situation which led up to this punch. But in the video – which contains no audio – there’s little doubt that Ray was the aggressor. He showed no remorse after punching her in the face. She falls and hits her head on the elevator railing and falls to the floor.

This is horrifying. The police, the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to have seen this video. How could they feel a two-game-suspension was appropriate for the severity of this situation? Someone is going to explaining that question very soon.