Untapped Potential: NFL Players Still Waiting For Their Moment

From Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow, we recap some players who were so close to having their moment in the NFL and are still waiting for the opportunity.

In the NFL nothing is guaranteed, you can be a starting quarterback one day, and sitting at home the next. Things can change so quickly and being a first round pick is not a guarantee for success. We’re going to look at players who were on the verge of breaking through into the NFL, but missed their shot or are still waiting for it.


Tim Tebow was a star in college and in his first season led the pedestrian Denver Broncos to the playoffs and a Wild Card game win. Though his passing numbers were subpar, Tim Tebow knew how to win at all costs. Putting the team on his back and running his patented college-style offense. Tebow showed he could be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL, but when the Broncos and Tebow parted ways, that was pretty much the end for one of the greatest college quarterbacks in history. Though he has had brief stints with the Jets, Patriots and Eagles; it appears that Tebow’s career is never going to take off.


Johnny Football is one of the most exciting players to ever step on a football field. When Cleveland took Manziel in the middle of the first round, everyone thought it was his time. But after off field troubles mixed with injuries, Manziel never saw much time on the field as a rookie. That all looked to change this year when starting quarterback Josh McCown was injured and the Texas A&M star took over. After a hot start, proving he can be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL, Johnny found himself in trouble. After ensuring the team he would not be drinking, Manziel was spotted at a club drinking champagne. After a brief benching Johnny is expected to regain his spot at the top of the depth chart. As electrifying as any quarterback since Michael Vick, let’s hope Manziel can hold on to his job and NFL career.

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Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson is one of the most bizarre players in NFL history. After a rookie year in which he punished just about any opposing player that came near, Richardson flamed out and became a laughingstock of the NFL. Taken early in the first round, Trent looked like he was the next big thing at RB. But after being traded to the Colts, Richardson couldn’t find a hole on an empty field. Though cursed with some of the worst offensive lines, Richardson as a rookie looked like the next Jim Brown, but turned into the next Larry Brown (without the Super Bowl ring).

–Michael Hersey