Texans RB Arian Foster calls players only meeting following loss to Seahawks


Is it time for the Houston Texans to panic after starting the season 2-2. Maybe panic is a stretch but there certainly seems to be a conversation worth having, at least according to Arian Foster. The running back reportedly called a team only meeting Monday, following the Texans back-to-back losses against the Baltimore Ravens (the defending NFL Champs) and the Seattle Seahawks.

 Defensive end Antonio Smith reportedly did a lot of the talking.

“Antonio is a strong, strong presence,” Texans coach Gary Kubiak, who obviously was not present for the meeting, said. “When he speaks, guys listen. He cares so much. It was hard to walk in there after a game like that, whether you’re a coach or a player and understand that whenever you’ve given everything you possibly have and you don’t get it done, it’s a very tough pill to swallow.

“It’s easy to not say anything. I think the important thing is that you do talk about it, and you let everybody know you’re committed to what’s going on. And that’s what he did, and he continued to do it in meetings. It hurts, but we’re a strong group. We’ll rally.”

That’s called being proactive. While the Seahawks are considered by many to be SuperBowl contenders, the Texans are on the short list as well. 16 games goes by quickly. Better to curve any problems as early as possible.