Terrell Owens drops pass in Seahawks preseason debut

photo via US Presswire

Saturday night Terrell Owens officially made his return to the NFL stage after a season away. Owens started in the  Seahawks vs. Broncos preseason game. No popcorn needed, the results were underwhelming.

T.O. ended the night with five incomplete passes from QB Matt Flynn. It’s preseason and the two are still feeling each other out but perhaps the most ominous sign was that a play that should’ve resulted in a touchdown ended with a dropped pass.

It’s early and rust is a factor. A year off from the NFL isn’t an insignificant amount of time. But the pressure is absolutely on. Especially when you consider that at least one of the mothers of Owens 4 children has gone back to court to ask that his child support not be reduced because Terrell is  employed again. If Terrell doesn’t prove his worth on the field, he could be back in the middle of a vicious cycle.