Tam-Star’s Pick Em Divisional Playoffs

How about those New York J-E-T-S? In the words of Coach Rex Ryan, “now that’s the way you play New York Jets football!” As mentioned last week, I was torn as to who to root for. I am an Indy fan; however, I am a Jets fan first! I felt bad for Peyton, but oh well.

As you can imagine, I am kicking myself in the butt as I knew Seattle would beat those pretenders (Saints). Sadly, I went against my gut feeling and picked New Orleans anyway. Boo! I was a little disappointed in the Eagles, but nonetheless glad that Michael Vick redeemed himself and at least made it to the playoffs.

Now for the drama… as if you thought the wildcard weekend would be exempt from making the 10 o’clock news. Ed Reeves brother, really! His brother’s unfortunate situation was definitely a distraction, but more importantly I am sorry for his lost. Glad he was able to show up and play.

Below are my picks for the 2011 NFL Wild Card playoffs. Remember anything can happen on any given Sunday, Drink, and pick responsibly!

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Wild-Card Weekend
Pick Em’ Results: 2-2

*Pick Em’ Results for the 2010 NFL Regular Season: 110-82 (WINNING RECORD)
Note: started week 5

So-called ESPN NFL Expert Wild-Card Weekend
Pick Em’ Results

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