Tam-Star’s NFL Week 7 Pick Em’


Boys and girls we are entering week 7 and what have we learned? Green Bay could be that good. We can officially take the Detroit Lions out of the “pretenders” realm. Sure they lost last week, but with a 5-1 record there has to be some truth to their 2011-12 campaign to the Super Bowl. I am definitely NOT predicting they will be in the Super Bowl, but it looks like they will at least make the playoffs (dare I say Lions and playoffs in the same sentence). The Raiders have won two straight and are off to their best start in years. That’s funny. And of course there was handshake gate. Kids let’s play nice. Win or loose always make sure to shake your opponents hand, not try and break it.

Tim Tebow
Was it time for the Broncos to put this guy in the game? Tim may not be a “winner,” but he seems to be good for fan moral. The question remains who’s coaching the team, the fans or… READ MORE