Tam-Star’s NFL Week 6 Pick Em’


“U need to be watching some football so your picks won’t look so bad. U r terrible in picking games! :)” ~ Ed Make You Wonder

Yes, I am totally ashamed at last weeks picks and when I received the message above on my Facebook page I felt embarrassed. I keep asking myself: What was I thinking? I knew the Raiders would win since their emotions were high after the passing on Al Davis. I also knew that the Steelers would beat the Titans, but yet I bet against them. My silliest move of all was thinking that Indy would finally win a game. I was so wrong!

The Ryan effect against the New England Patriots
Last week my J-E-T-S lead by Rex Ryan failed to stop New England. This week, Rob Ryan and the Cowboy’s defense will have their hands full trying to do anything against them as well. I have never been a fan of the Patriots, but I would be wrong not to acknowledge their greatness. The Ryan’s are good, but I doubt either bother can beat the boys in red, white and blue.

A football life…
One word, FANTASTIC! If you have not had a chance to watch the NFL Networks new serious “A Football Life,” I encourage you to check it out. Each week A Football Life takes an intimate look into the lives of legendary football players on and off the field. From Kurt Warren to Walter Peyton and even Reggie White, the series is… READ MORE