Tam-Star’s NFL Week 5 Pick Em’


Week 5 is here. Every year we wait and like a flash the season comes and goes. There are ups, downs, wins, losses, and injuries. Through it all, each week we dissect and analyze every game.

Taking a look back at all that has happened over the last 5 weeks, it’s hard not to acknowledge teams like Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota. Did you ever think that Minnesota would be winless? How about the Pittsburgh Steelers being at the bottom of the AFC North? Admittedly, it feels strange being uncertain about betting for or against the Indianapolis Colts. For 10 years the Colts have been almost a sure bet, but clearly a change has come.

All that matters…

Let’s face it; the big game this week is the New York Jets at the New England Patriots. Does any other game matter… READ MORE