Tam-Star’s NFL Week 3 Pick ’em


Week 3 of the NFL season is here. Excited yet? It’s been a very somber couple of weeks and in fact I feel as if all the “real” action went down in preseason.

Who would have thought the Detroit Lions would be 2-0? When in history has that ever happened? Maybe in the Barry Sanders era, but if I am not mistaken that’s why he walked away from the game. Barry was tired of loosing. Please let me know if this is a dream. Wake me up now!

That damn Tony Gonzales! How about that one-handed catch he made last week? Would you agree he is the greatest tight end of all time? Tony definitely has the stats, but Shannon Sharpe will always be the most recognizable and if nothing else the funniest tight end in my book. I love “Marble Mouth Shannon.”

QB’s and Running Backs….

Chris Johnson had another lackluster week and Arian Foster is still anti-awesomeness. Reggie Bush is missing Kim Kardasian fame, and who would have thought that Fred Jackson would be leading the NFL in rushing after 2 games. Oddly enough the runner-up for total rushing yards is Darren McFadden. I am sure you are wondering who… READ MORE