Tam-Star’s NFL Week 15 Pick Em’


It’s week 15 people! How could you not love football considering all the entertainment the NFL offers on and off the field. Tebowing (5 weeks too many of the Tim Tebow madness), suspensions, car crashes, drug deals, child abuse allegations, wins and loses, the NFL has exceeded the hype this season.

Last week my beloved Joe Namath said it best when he took to Twitter and wrote “I’m PO’d at CBS for switching to the NE/Washington game.”

Like Joe, I was also LIVID! Watching the J-E-T-S on Sunday is everything to me when it comes to the NFL. If you read my weekly post you know that I’ve been a Jets fan for well over a decade. When CBS switched to the New England game, all I could think was WTF are they doing, get back to the jets game.

Joe Namath Twitter

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