Tam-Star’s NFL Week 13 Pick Em


I was jonesing for some American Football last week while traveling aboard for the holidays. Unfortunately, my internet connection was a bit shotty at best in Morocco, so I had to settle for reading the highlights. I was definitely pleased with the results and most if not all of my teams came out to play; however, I must ask this question… what the hell is going on with the Colts?

Below are my straight picks for week 12. Remember anything can happen on any given Sunday, Drink, and pick responsibly!

Thurs, Dec 2
Philadelphia at Houston

Sun, Dec 6
New Orleans at Cincinnati

Chicago at Detroit

San Francisco at Green Bay

Jacksonville at Tennessee

Denver at Kansas City

Cleveland at Miami

Buffalo at Minnesota

Washington at NY Giants

Oakland at San Diego

Carolina at Seattle

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

St. Louis at Arizona

Dallas at Indianapolis

Pittsburgh at Baltimore

Mon, Dec 9
NY Jets at New England

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Week 12
Pick Em’ Results: 11-5

*Pick Em’ Results Thru Week 11: 61-51
Note: started week 5

So-called ESPN NFL Experts Pick Em’ Results

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