Super Bowl will have “keep warm” kit for fans


The 2014 Super Bowl takes places in New York – well actually New Jersey but, you get the idea. The annual big game could end up looking really similar to the game played a few weeks back between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions. Snowy with a side of Arctic chill.

So, of course there’s a contingency plan in place, that includes a snow meter that melts 600,000 tons of snow per hour, 60,000 tons of salt, and in the worst case scenario holding the game a day earlier or postponing it a day or more.

Since you won’t be allowed to park near the stadium or tailgate, your seat at MetLife stadium will be equipped with gloves, hand warmers, ear muffs, chap stick, tissue, and other cold weather amenities.

Can you imagine the fight that might break out if someone snags another seats chapstick? Could get ugly.