Sports Sunday Recap: NFL Playoffs And The Battle For L.A.

Lots of exciting sport’s happenings over the weekend.

The NFL playoffs have been pretty shocking in some instances. Who would’ve thought Seattle would advance over the defending champions last weekend! Injuries or not, that didn’t seem to likely from a 7-9 team. But once they moved to the next round did anyone seriously pick the Seahawks over the Bears?

I didn’t which is why I didn’t bother to watch this the game. I took advantage of my 80 degree weather and went to the beach.

I watched a bit of the Steelers vs. Ravens but I don’t have any feelings towards either of those teams and quickly lost interest. Actually, ditto for the Packers vs. Falcons. Let’s just say that it was a pretty bad weekend for teams with a bird as their mascot!

The game that DID hold my attention Jets vs. Patriots (clearly because these were 2 of the teams that made it pretty far in the race for Jill’s NFL heart). My Boo Rex and the Jets took out the Patriots 28-21 on their home field!!

Of course a few are complaining that the Jets (in usual fashion) went overboard celebrating their win. Whatever to that though, when ARE you allowed to be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate your hard work? The Jets were the underdog and they played a great game.

That’s talent!! ::giggles::

Sunday was also the day my 2 L.A. hoop teams battled it out. Lakers vs. Clippers is ALWAYS exciting to watch because it’s a merger of the many sides of L.A. I win either way! Yes, I love the Lakers AND the Clippers. Get over it! I’m complex and don’t believe in limiting myself. :shrug:

This current Clippers squad invokes the same type of excitement that was present in the Clippers during the 2000-2002 seasons. That was the team that had Lamar Odom, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, Corey Magette etc. Lots of fun to watch and a lot of energy!

My Clippers beat MY Lakers99-92. Of course Blake Griffin showed out, there was almost an on court squirmish with Blake and L.O. But teammates Baron Davis and Ron Artest came out in their protector roles to keep any real drama from popping off.

Well that and Blake is so nonchalant, it seemed to upset Lamar more. Funny, the 2 most hardcore players stepped up to defend their teammates. The refs obviously weren’t as smitten with this scene as I was. They ejected all 4 guys.

videos via Jose 3030