Seahawks Richard Sherman says “numbers don’t lie, I’m better than Darrell Revis”


Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman is a talker. He believes he’s stepping into rare air and he’s not afraid to troll you with his greatness. His latest stunt, dropping a side by side graphic of his numbers and Jets corner, Darrelle Revis’ too. The caption, “Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t.” True but, numbers can be manipulated. Keep in mind Revis only played in two games this season because of an ACL injury against the Dolphins.



Revis’ name has recently been floated as a potential trade target for the Jets, who could be looking to make some positive changes after a disappointing 2012 season.

But back to your guy Sherman, he wasn’t done.

In between that, he responded to commentary that ranged from “He’s the best and future Hall of Famer” to other Tweeters telling him he got punked against the Falcons and him responding with photographic evidence in his defense.



A few more of those and then he ended it with a Jay Z quote.


Well, I know Sherman better work on getting better this off season. He absolutely put a Bullseye on his back.