Seahawks rb Marshawn Lynch inks deal with Skittles


Seattle Seahawks rb Marshawn Lynch is known for his love of “Skittles.”  Making it to the Super Bowl has its advantages as Lynch and has inked a deal with the candy brand that includes a limited edition Seahawks pack.

The candy brand will announce on Tuesday a formal deal with the Seattle Seahawks running back, whose relationship with the sweet dates back to when his mother started giving him what she called “power pellets” in his Pop Warner playing days.

While specific terms of the deal are unknown, sources told ESPN that Lynch will receive financial compensation. The brand will also donate $10,000 to Lynch’s Fam First Foundation every time he scores a touchdown Sunday in the Super Bowl.

The deal marks the first time the rainbow candy brand has ever paid an athlete.

Lamar Odom is probably somewhere thinking, that was my go to first.