Robert Griffin III thinks Rams are “unprofessional”

Robert Griffin III had a rough go in his second official game as an NFL quarterback. Clearly the NFL game is different from college but if you ask RG3, he’ll tell you that the Rams are “unprofessional” and took a few cheap shots at him last Sunday.

“They were definitely going after me,” Griffin said.

Griffin acknowledged that he has a small frame of reference, given that he has played only two NFL games.  But he also said of the Rams, “They were doing a lot of dirty things…. The game was unprofessional.”

One Rams defender told him on the field he would be hit after every play, Griffin said. His reply was that he expected that in football.

“Some of the shots were cheap,” Griffin said.

Did he expect them to give him love taps? It’s football, that’s what they do.