Robert Griffin III injures knee during Redskins vs. Seahawks wildcard game [video]


Do you think Robert Griffin III should’ve been in the game on Sunday? The Redskins and the Seahawks faced off in wildcard action on Sunday. RG3 left the game in the 4th quarter after his right knee bent awkwardly when he attempted to plant. This was the second time in this game that RG3 had to exit. The first incident happened early in the first half on the heels of two quick touchdowns by the Skins.

The rookie QB was wearing a brace on his right knee, as he had since Week 16. Initially he hurt his knee in week 14 against the Ravens. He sat out one game and came back with the brace the following week.

It’s obvious that RG3 was hampered by the injury the last few games but especially on Sunday. Expect lots of questions re: head Coach Mike Shanahan decision to let him play and the Redskins overall handling of the situation.

There was a report that came out just prior to Sunday’s contest where Renown specialist, Dr. James Andrews denied he said RG3 was ok to reenter the game against the Ravens where the initial injury took place.


gif via Jose 3030