Richard Sherman and Girlfriend Ashley are on Baby Watch Super Bowl Week


Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is dealing with a life changing situation over the next few days. No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl, although that is kind of important. Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley Moss are expecting a son in the next few days. The hope is that the lil guy doesn’t decide to make his appearance during the big game Sunday.


According to ESPN, Sherman has a plan in place. Moss is in Arizona for the Seahawks’ Super Bowl matchup against the New England Patriots, and will give birth at a local hospital if need be. But if baby decides he’s ready to come Sunday, Sherman will have a big decision to make.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,”  “We’re not thinking about the possibility. It’s someone that actually depends on you for everyday living,” Sherman said. “Everything they do is dependent on you and how you provide and how successful you are. “As a parent, you want to set a great example for them, so I guess, to a degree, a lot of things are riding on it.”